Pets & Their Humans portrait experience

To celebrate the bond between you and your furbaby.

With joyful barks, playful pounces, and loving purrs, they make our lives richer and our homes warmer.
They stand by us with unwavering loyalty, asking for nothing but love in return, teaching us the essence of unconditional love and friendship.

The $100 Family session experience includes:

• Planning consultation to discuss your session hopes and dreams
• Family experience that will leave the whole family feeling reconnected
• Images viewing & Artwork ordering appointment

Session fee does not include digital files or print products.

We are not a digital studio, we do not sell disks of images. We take great pride in giving great service followed by offering premium, museum-quality artwork and heirloom albums. A digital photograph is complimentary when you choose to purchase our products.

When you come to the studio, you will see a variety of artwork options for you to choose from, including Fine Art Portraits, Classic Framed Portraits, French Cotton Canvases, and some amazing off the wall portraits options, including Heirloom Albums and Storybooks.

We are so confident that you will LOVE your images, that we offer 100% happiness guarantee – no charge if you don’t fall in love with what you see.

Family session experience $100 (weekday)

Family session experience & 12” Fine Art Portrait $500 (weekday)

Can I be in the photos with my pet? Can I bring my partner/ kids?
Absolutely and we wouldn’t have it any other way! Please note that we are a Family photography studio, and we do not photograph pets by themselves.
You have applied for our Pets & Their Humans project, and we look forward to capturing that special bond between your family and your fur-ever friend to cherish forever!
The resulting photographs will not only capture the essence of your relationship but also serve as a reminder of the love and joy your pet brings to your life.
Because pets are family too!

What if my children are in school and my partner is at work and our work schedules conflict with your appointment times?
Most of our clients will take their children out of school for this very special experience. What child doesn’t want to tell their friends they have to leave to have their portraits taken with their furry friend?! As the years go by, every time you look at your portraits, you’ll all remember this magical day!
Most families do not need to take the full day off. We offer morning sessions so your partner could head straight to work afterwards, we also offer late afternoon sessions.

What do I need to bring for my pet? Can I bring my pet’s favourite toy or costume?
We provide various props and accessories to create a fun and memorable experience for your furry friend.
Feel free to bring your pet’s favourite toys or costumes to personalize the session and make it even more special. If your pet responds well to treats or snacks, feel free to bring them along. It can be a helpful way to keep your pet engaged and happy during the photoshoot.

What to wear for my Family portraits?
We recommend soft neutral tones like beige, cream, white or solid darker tones like brown, black, grey, navy etc, as they always look great in photos.

My dog doesn’t know how to sit and has a ton of energy, is that a problem?
Whilst knowing some basic commands can be helpful, they aren’t required. We’ve photographed many different personalities and behaviours, and always get some great images.
We bring calm energy, lots of furry love and professional experience with us to every pet session.You’re coming to me to capture the true spirit of your pets – not just perfect poses – so relax and let their personality shine!

What if I’m working & my kids are in school?
Most families will take their children out of school for this very special experience. You do not need to take the full day off. Our morning sessions are most popular, so you could head straight to work afterwards.